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Hi! I'm Jaya Rose!

I'm so excited you are here and that you are interested in learning more about storytelling. I can't wait for you to get your storytelling checklist... 

But first, can I be honest with you?

I used to think storytelling was so annoying. 

You know how it goes... you're at a restaurant enjoying yourself and all of a sudden you can't focus on your conversation anymore because there is a loud guy behind you who's story-YELLING. He's being super loud and obviously telling the same story he has told everyone for years. 

Bless his heart, but why is he taking up all the space telling that silly story? Why can't he see that no one is enjoying it?

I thought that's what storytelling was. Boy was I wrong!

4 years ago I took my business online and learned that in order to really make the impact I wanted to make I would need to learn how to master the art of storytelling. 

Say what? 

Needless to say, I had resistance. I really didn't want to story-YELL or look like I was just talking about myself to get attention when what I really wanted to do was share my message and change lives. 

Can you relate?

Guess what? After studying and practicing storytelling it became apparent that the BEST way to share a powerful message is to validate it with a story. You see, storytelling 101 teaches you that when you are sharing a story from a place of leadership, it's not actually about you. It's about your audience!

That is exactly what I am teaching you right here in this Impactful Storytelling Guidebook! I'll show you how to pick stories that truly connect with and grow your soul-mate audience, creating more aligned opportunities and ultimately growing your income and impact! No story-YELLING needed. ;)

Ready to dive in?

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