Take the Stage

Brand Bootcamp!

Take Center Stage in your Brand, creating a movement, and calling in an audience of Soul Fans who easily say YES to your sacred work!

Online Event: December 1st-3rd

In this Bootcamp:

🎤  Brand Identity & Amplifying Your Message - so you have full clarity and the foundation to grow your movement

🎤  Mastering Storytelling - to help you connect deeply with your audience, so they know, love & trust you

🎤  High-level Speaking & Stage Presence - so you can rock the mic with confidence, effortlessly attracting Soul Fans

🎤  Selling with Story - learn a sales process that feels juicy and exciting, calling in soul mate clients who say YES

Join us for 3 days of juicy trainings, prompts, and community that will pour juicy energy into your brand and amplify your message!

Hi! I'm Jaya Rose!

I am a Speaking, Storytelling & Visibility Coach for Transformational Leaders, host of the Speak Your Truth Podcast, and creator of the Take the Stage Brand Accelerator Program!

Before starting my online business 5 years ago I was petrified of taking up too much space or looking like I was "being salesy." I was convinced that if I just played small and stayed on the sidelines, that I would be safe there. It was in my own journey to being visible that I healed my limiting stories and owned the power of showing up fully, as me!

Since then I have grown a 6 figure coaching business in multiple niches, and what I found is that there truly is a rhyme and reason to consistently attracting a soul-aligned and engaged audience, and it's all about having a powerful online presence, as you know.

That's why I am committed to sharing the soul-led visibility strategies that help my clients easily connect with their soul-fans, so they can make the impact they were born to make and get seen in the marketplace as a well-known transformational leader! We rise together!

It is my belief that as a collective we are here to create a ripple effect of positive change that will help to create a New World for us all. A world where empowered leaders are seen, heard, and celebrated, feeling magnetic and confident in the spotlight!

Join the Speak Your Truth Movement and the Take the Stage Brand Bootcamp!

I will only send you a text message once or twice a month to let you know about free trainings and I will follow up during the Bootcamp to make sure it's going well for ya. But I promise, no spam from me, you can unsubscribe anytime, and your number is 100% safe!

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